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Non Skid

Non Skid

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SurfaceLogix Non Skid is a micronized polymer additive which suspends easily in both clear and opaque sealers. Unlike sand this additive will stay in suspension creating a more uniform texture on the surface. Due to its low oil absorption and high solvent resistance, it stirs easily into coatings and stains. It’s low density allows it to stay well suspended in thin materials such as stains.

Non Skid Features

  • Available in regular and coarse grit sizes.
  • Can be added to stains and film forming sealers.
  • Should not be used with Cobble impregnator.
  • Clear appearance allows for use in clear sealers.

Non Skid Applications

Non skid additive for film forming clear and opaque sealers. Should be used for damp or inclined areas that tend to get slippery. Use Non Skid on driveways, patios, pool decks, parking lots & walkways.

Non Skid Product Directions

Before You Begin: Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing. Coating’s performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surfaced is prepared.
Do not apply when the temperature of the air or the surface to be coated is below 50°F. Testing on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results.

Directions: Add the contents of a small container of Non Skid to one gallon pail of sealer and mix thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes. For 5 gallon pails of sealer, use one large
container of Non Skid.

Available in regular and coarse grades.

Mixing: Stir product.

Roller: Smaller surfaces can be applied with a 3/8” to 3/4” nap roller cover. Avoid over rolling. Always maintain a wet edge.

Sprayer: Airless sprayer is not recommended for application of sealers with the Non Skid additive.


Non Skid Technical Data Sheets:

Download PDF View/Download Non Skid Technical Data Sheet-English

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