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Cobble Cure

Cobble Cure

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Cobble Cure is a solvent blend used for rewetting or liquefying solvent based clear sealers that have “blushed” or shown white discoloration due to moisture entrapment. This product is to be used on brick pavers, natural stone & concrete surfaces where the sealer has become cloudy due to trapped moisture.

Cobble Cure Features

  • Releases moisture trapped in film forming sealers
  • May eliminate the need for stripping the substrate
  • For pavers, natural stone and concrete that have been coated with one or two layers of sealer.

Cobble Cure Applications

  • Removal of hazy or cloudy appearance from sealer applied to a substrate

Cobble Cure Product Directions

Before You Begin: Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing. Cobble Cure’s performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surfaced is prepared.  All grease, oil and potential contaminates must be removed.

Do not apply when the temperature of the air or the surface to be coated is below 50°F.  Testing on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results.

Note: This product should be used before deciding whether it is necessary to strip the sealer from pavers or other substrates. On a dry surface, roll or brush Cobble Cure onto the whitened areas of the surface. Once the areas are saturated simply let the area dry. The whitened film should clear within minutes. Avoid excessive rolling or brushing of the Cobble Cure as it will work as a stripping agent of the sealer.

If the sealer has been applied with a coating that is too thick, you will see the coating crystallize and not reform a uniform appearance. In this case, stripping of the film is recommended. If haziness disappears, then roll or spray Cobble Cure across entire surface. Repeat if necessary.

Application: Apply with a 3/8” to 3/4” nap roller cover.

Pump Sprayer: Spray by overlapping each pass. Always apply in an even film deposit


Download PDF View/Download Cobble Cure Technical Data Sheet-English

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