What's the best sealer for roof tiles?

A roof that is unsealed is susceptible to damage caused by rain, snow, and extreme heat. Without the proper sealer applied to the surface, the roof may begin to degrade over time and herald other serious issues within the home, such as leaks and mold growth. In contrast, sealed roofs retain their color better and are proven to last longer than sealer-free roofs, thus preventing the need for repairs or replacement. With the many benefits of roof sealers on display, only one question remains: What's the best sealer for roof tiles?

This article will go in-depth regarding the roof sealers offered by Surfacelogix, as we offer a wide selection of products built to improve exterior surfaces. We can guide you to the best roof sealer product for the job. Surfacelogix is proud to be able to offer quality products for both contractors and distributors who are seeking the best way to protect the exterior surfaces of their clients.

Roof Clear

Best sealer for roof

The first sealer we will explore is Roof Clear. This roof sealer is one of several sealers offered by Surfacelogix that features a finish that looks natural and semi-glossy. This is a 100% acrylic and waterborne sealer that's ideal for protecting cement roof tiles or shingles. 

One major feature advantage of Roof Clear is its ability to withstand and resist the strong ultraviolet light emitted by the sun, thus preventing color fade and maintaining the roof's overall image for longer periods of time. 

Roof Clear also has specially formulated mildewcides and algaecides blended in, formulated to reduce and inhibit the growth of mildew and algae. This formula helps keep the roof looking healthy and clean.

Roof Clear is also:

  • Water-repellent
  • Non-yellowing
  • Alkali resistance

Roof Clear can be applied via sprayer, roller, and a variety of brushes.

When using a gallon of Roof Clear, you can expect the container to cover roughly around 200 square feet, whereas a five-gallon container of the product will cover around 1,000 square feet. 

Be sure to remember that these specific measurements are per coat, though, so plan the job to ensure proper and complete coverage of the area if you will need more than one coat. How much coverage you end up getting with Roof Clear will depend mainly on the width and porosity of the client’s roof's surface, as well as the application method you will use.

Roof Loc

Roof Loc roof sealer

Roof Loc is the next roof sealer we will be exploring. Unlike Roof Clear, Roof Loc is a roof sealer product that is for professional use only. It features a wet look with a semi-glossy finish. This product is water-based and can be used to protect various kinds of roof tiles and shingles, but it should not be used at all on clay. 

Just like Roof Clear, Roof Loc can resist heavy exposure to ultraviolet light, which reduces color fading. The Roof Loc formula also incorporates a strong blend of mildewcide and algaecide that will prevent the growth of unwanted organisms on a roof’s surface. This combination of chemicals will help keep the roof looking great for longer periods of time between routine roof cleanings. Roof Loc is also eco-friendly.

Roof Loc works as a two-part kit, which means you will need to mix both parts together in order to use the product. The combination will both clean and seal the roof's surface, all in one day. Additionally, since this product has a glossy finish, it will enhance the roof's appearance, making it the perfect product for shingles and tiles that are already faded. 

Roof Loc is mixed using a 1:1 ratio of part A and part B. A one-gallon kit will give you about two gallons of product, whereas a five-gallon kit will yield 10 gallons of the finished product. All-in-all, each gallon of finished Roof Loc product will cover about 200 square feet. Coverage will depend, though, on the porosity and width of the surface, as well as the application method. 

Roof Loc can also:

  • Be applied over damp surfaces.
  • Lock down joint sand 

When using Roof Loc, make sure that target surfaces are clean and free of debris. Do not apply Roof Loc more than once every two years.

We at Surfacelogix recommend mechanically mixing the different parts of Roof Loc with a power mixer for a minimum of two to five minutes to ensure proper curing post-application. 

Invest in Professional Results

Roof sealing can be an arduous and challenging task to undertake, as there are several risk factors involved. It is always best to have the proper tools and products available to you. You can always contact the Surfacelogix team to learn more about how to get access to high-quality products such as Roof Clear and Roof Loc. Contacting our team can also give you greater insight into how you can use Roof Clear and Roof Loc to further improve roofs. 

Our products (particularly those like Roof Loc) are intended for application by professional contractors, so if you do not have expertise in the field of roof repair and maintenance, you can always reach out to Surfacelogix. We can help you find a pro in your area.

For more information, you can also explore our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we can fill you in on our Surfacelogix process. Be sure to call Surfacelogix today at 954-971-9111 to learn more about our available roof sealers and how you can use our chemistry to protect your world.

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