How Long After Sealing Can I Walk on Pavers?

How Long Should I Wait After Sealing Before I Can Walk on My Pavers?

After sealing pavers, you want to be sure that you provide clear instructions to your clients to ensure excellent results. Walking on pavers too soon after sealing can ruin the job, leaving visible footprints and letting dirt and other contaminants get stuck in the sealer. Be sure that you let your customers know exactly what to expect once you’re finished.

General Rules for Newly Sealed Surfaces

In ideal conditions, a good rule of thumb for how soon you can walk on a surface after sealer application is 2 to 4 hours at minimum. You should err on the side of caution, though, and recommend a longer wait time. You can expect a full cure from most sealers between 48 to 72 hours.

That being said, local weather can affect how long sealers take to cure. In general, 75 degrees and warmer with direct sunlight will provide the fastest results. Conditions below 50 degrees, meanwhile, can slow the curing process or make sealing at that temperature a poor choice altogether.

Different types of sealers also have varied curing times. Solvent-based sealers are generally safe to walk on sooner, as the solvents evaporate more quickly. Water-based sealers can take a bit longer, but this still shouldn’t be a major issue when sealers are applied properly.

Vehicles should be kept off of newly sealed surfaces until they are fully cured. The higher weight and increased traction from tires can remove sealers much more easily than foot traffic. You also run a higher risk of contamination by dirt and debris from tires, as well as potential oil or chemical stains.

How To Ensure a Reasonable Cure Time for Paver Sealers

You can take a few steps to ensure that your sealers cure within a reasonable time frame. The most important is to provide a dry surface before application. A damp surface can greatly increase cure time, inhibiting the proper penetration and adhesion of different types of sealers.

Choosing a solvent-based sealer such as Cobble Coat by Surface Logix can also provide a faster dry time. You can provide excellent surface protection with this easy-to-work-with sealer and achieve an enhanced wet-look appearance.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before completing any given job. A drop in temperature, high humidity, or even significant cloud cover within 24 hours can inhibit curing. You certainly want to be sure that you won’t be dealing with rain or other precipitation, which can quickly ruin sealers that haven’t cured.

Deliver Exceptional Results for Your Customers With Surface Logix

Providing clear instructions to your customers concerning how long to stay off sealed surfaces is essential. However, you also need to be sure that you’re working with high-quality sealers to begin with.

Surface Logix provides a wide range of high-quality sealers that deliver the performance and style you need for any job. You can reach out to get a custom quote on Surface Logix sealers, cleaners, and surface preps today, ensuring that your customers are fully satisfied with their final results.

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