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Cobble Loc with Grip

Cobble Loc with Grip

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Cobble Loc with Grip carries the newest technology in waterborne sealers for concrete, brick pavers and other hardscape surfaces, together with enhanced grip for hard surfaces like decks and walkways that me be slippery. Cobble Loc with Grip may also be used over most porous surfaces as it has excellent water and marking resistance, and at the same time improves anti-slip properties. Unlike other clear finishes, Cobble Loc with Grip contains a transparent additive that provides a rough finish, yet maintaining its gloss finish and its excellent resistance to chemicals.


Cobble Loc with Grip Features

  • Eco friendly & emits super low VOCs.
  • Provides an anti-slip surface finish
  • Pressure clean and seal in the same day.
  • Locks down paver joint sand.
  • Inhibits mold, weeds and ant hills.
  • Catalyzed product that resists chemicals.
  • Top clear coat for colored sealers and surfaces that
    need grip.

Cobble Loc with Grip Applications

  • Use Cobble Loc with Grip on driveways, pool decks,
    entryways, walkways, median strips, and patios.

Cobble Loc with Grip Product Directions

Before You Begin: Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing. Cobble Loc with Grip performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surface is prepared. Do not apply when the temperature of the air or the surface to be coated is below 50°F. Testing on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results.

Surface Preparation: Smooth concrete must be etched. Scrape and sand all loose material prior to application. Cobble Clean, Cobble Prep and Cobble Oxhide may be used for specific cleaning situations.

Mixing Instructions: Cobble Loc with Grip is a two-component kit. Part A must be mixed with Part B. Part A includes the grip enhancing additive. A 1 gallon kit includes a quart of Part B & a 5 gallon kit includes a short filled 5 gallon pail and a one gallon can of Part B. Mix part A Cobble Loc with Grip & part B with a good power mixer for a minimum of 2 - 5 minutes, and then dilute 1 part of mixed sealer to one part of water with
good mixing.

Airless Sprayer: Spray by overlapping each pass. Always apply in an even film deposit and maintain a working wet line.

On Bare Surface: One coat is normally sufficient, however for porous surfaces and uncoated surfaces two thin coats (2 dry mils) provide the best results.

Over Previously Sealed: One coat is recommended.

Applications: It is not recommended to apply CobbleLoc with Grip using rollers; only use if need to back roll to remove excess.


Download PDF View/Download Cobble Loc with Grip Technical Data Sheet-English

Download PDF View/Download Cobble Loc with Grip Sell Sheet

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