What Is Better for Paver Sealers: Rolling or Spraying?

Driveway sealing is an essential part of maintaining the appearance and integrity of most driveway materials. In the US, 90 percent of driveways are either asphalt or concrete, with the remainder including a wide range of options, such as interlocking pavers produced using many different materials. With such a variety of materials and finishes, contractors need to be sure that they’re using the proper application technique.

When sealing driveways, one must either roll or spray. Each has its own unique benefits depending on the situation. The low equipment cost required for rolling is one thing to consider, while the reduced labor involved in spraying can also tip the balance. However, you also need to choose a method and paver sealer that can work together.

Most Sealers Offer a Choice Between Rolling and Spraying

In most cases, you’ll have a choice between rolling and spraying for any given sealer. The method you choose will have an impact on your results, but you shouldn’t expect any significant difficulties.

Cobble loc application tips

Cobble Loc by Surface Logix is one example of a sealer that can be applied through either method for excellent results. This water-based sealer rolls well, but it is also compatible with spraying equipment. It can handle most driveway materials, and it’s also an effective roof tile sealer.

In general, spraying can provide more consistent and complete coverage. This helps avoid missed or uneven spots that are more likely when rolling. However, rolling can be a better option for older or rougher surfaces. The pressure exerted by the roller helps push the sealer into cracks and voids in the surface, which can provide better results.

Depending on the specific type of sealer being used, though, rolling can leave visible strokes. This is particularly true for colorful driveway sealers and concrete paint that strikes a stronger contrast with the natural material. Still, careful application and experience can overcome this issue.

Some Sealers Must Be Rolled

If you try to roll with a sealer that doesn’t roll well, you won’t get acceptable results on that particular job. However, if you try to spray a sealer that can’t be sprayed, you’re liable to damage your spraying equipment – possibly permanently.

Some concrete sealants aren’t suitable for spraying. One of the most common examples is a non-skid sealer that you might use for swimming pool deck coating. These feature solid particles that provide a different texture to the driveway or other surfaces, improving traction. Those particles will clog your sprayer, which could mean hours trying to clean it or ruining it entirely.

Instead, these sealers must be rolled. This protects your equipment and also helps provide stronger adhesion so that gritty non-skid sealers can stand up in high-traffic areas for a longer period of time.

Sealers for Rolling and Spraying

At Surface Logix, you’ll find a complete range of sealers that you can use to meet customer requirements in any situation. Most of our sealers provide the option for rolling or sealing, with some specialty sealers featuring additional instructions. You can even take advantage of our on-site training for contractors to ensure that you’re making the most of our products. Reach out today for more info.

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