Understanding Roof Tile Paint and Sealant

Concrete or cement roof tiles are both durable and visibly striking, making them an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. That being said, roof tiles do require regular, specialized maintenance to remain in good condition. Since roof tiles have a porous structure, they are especially susceptible to moss and algae growth that can slowly degrade materials. 

Luckily, it’s possible to preserve the condition of your tiles for a long time by applying quality roof sealant. Read on to learn more about the fundamentals of how to seal roof tiles, why it’s so important, and what types of products are best for the job.

What Are the Benefits of Sealing Roof Tiles?

Homeowners should consider sealing their cement or concrete roof tiles for a variety of practical reasons. Whether your roof is brand-new or beginning to show some signs of wear, protecting your tiles with reputable roof sealant is the single best way to preserve their appearance and minimize the effects of aging well into the future. 

Here are several of the benefits of sealing roof tiles:

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Applying a coat of sealant to a tile rooftop can dramatically enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, roof sealant can make your house much more attractive to prospective homeowners and help to ensure you receive more competitive offers from buyers. 

After you apply a coat of tile sealant, your roof will maintain its color and durability for much longer periods, giving your house a more vibrant, pristine appearance.

Helps Prevent Water Leaks

One of the most important benefits of sealing a tile roof is that it helps to stop water from leaking into the house. The porous nature of cement and concrete roof tiles makes them susceptible to retaining moisture, which can cause cracks in freezing temperatures. Given time, these cracks can expand enough to allow water to enter the home. 

At Surfacelogix, our high-performance roof tile sealants are engineered to seep deeply into the tiles and enhance their water-shedding properties. 

Protects Against Fading and Weatherization

Roof sealant adds a protective layer to the surface of the tiles that will help keep out harmful UV rays and inclement weather that can cause fading or accelerated deterioration. Surfacelogixs's Roof Clear formula is an excellent method of protecting against the effects of weatherization and can even help defend your roof from alkali buildup. While Roof Clear is specifically made for concrete tiles, this sealant also works well on asphalt shingles or concrete roof blocks.

Prevents Moss, Mildew, and Algae Growth

Another common problem with tile roof systems is their tendency to become overgrown with moss, mildew, or algae. Tile sealant compounds prevent these issues from occurring in the first place, though, which can save you time and money. Our sealants include active mildewcide and algaecide ingredients that stop these troublesome organisms in their tracks.  

How are Roof Tiles Sealed?

The roof tile sealing process will vary depending on the material the tiles are made of and the type of sealant used, though there are a few standard steps that are the same for many products. Remember, sealing roof tiles can be dangerous work, and is often best to leave it to experienced professionals. 

Experts will typically follow these three steps when sealing a tile rooftop:

Carefully Inspect the Tiles and Repair or Replace Damaged Sections

First, your roof will need to be thoroughly inspected. Any damaged or missing tiles will require repair or replacement to ensure there are no gaps or exposed areas in the roof. To save time during this step, it may be helpful to order additional color-matching tiles ahead of time so there won’t be any need to wait for replacements. 

Pressure-Wash the Roof

Next, the tile roof needs to be completely pressure-washed to remove any surface debris that may inhibit the sealant’s ability to cure properly. Any twigs, algae, rocks, or other materials can leave sections of your tile roof unprotected, and smaller particles may become trapped beneath the sealant later, which may cause discoloration or blemishes on the surface of your tiles. 

After washing, give the tiles some time to dry. Then, it’s time to apply the sealant.

Apply Sealant

To use our Roof Loc formula, mix part A and part B of the kit with one equal part of water. Once everything is prepared, the first layer of sealant can then be applied directly to the tiles using a sprayer or roller. In some cases, a second coat of sealant may be recommended depending on the porosity of the tiles. This second coat should be applied no less than 4 hours after the initial coat.

Roof Tile Sealing FAQs

It’s not unusual for homeowners to have a few questions about how tile roof sealant works. If you ever have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to reach out to a reputable professional for support. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding roof tile sealant.

Does a Tile Roof Need Occasional Re-Sealing?

Many times, a tile roof will only need a single coat of sealant to remain protected for a long time. However, some surfaces may benefit from a second coat to ensure complete protection.

If I Am a Homeowner, Can I Seal Roof Tiles Myself?

It’s never recommended for homeowners to seal their tile roofs. Roof work can be quite strenuous and dangerous, so it’s usually best to allow seasoned contractors to take care of the job.

How Long Does it Take to Seal Roof Tiles?

Estimated time frames for sealing a tile roof will fluctuate depending on the square footage and materials involved. 

Can You Paint a Sealed Tile Roof?

Absolutely, and at Surfacelogix, we have several types of colored sealers that will help you get the job done. Our Cobble Colors additive is made to mix with our water-based sealers to closely match your existing tiles. Our Coloron formula can be carefully customized to match up to 30 different color schemes, so you can effectively combine roof tile paint and tile sealer into one mixture to save time on the application.

When you’re ready to seal your tile roof, trust Surfacelogix for reliable, top-notch products. Our tile sealants are made to the highest quality standards that will keep your roof protected well into the future. Visit us online to learn more about our reputable, eco-friendly products. 

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