How to remove old sealer from pavers

Looking to remove old sealer from some pavers? Surfacelogix is here to help, sharing a few tried-and-true methods if you are wondering how to get old sealer off pavers effectively. 

Why would this be necessary? Perhaps the sealer has become discolored or faded. Pavers are sealed to protect them from a variety of things, such as harsh elements and stain-causing debris. Pavers that have aged sealers on the surface will be susceptible to fading and damage from the elements, though, so it may be time to remove the sealer and apply a new one. 

In this article, we will discuss the best methods and the product that will help you remove sealer from pavers.  

Cobble Strip

cobble strip cleans old sealer off pavers

Surfacelogix offers a product whose main function is to remove various kinds of sealers and coatings. This product is called Cobble Strip, and it is an eco-friendly paint stripper. 

Cobble Strip is designed to remove all sorts of coatings that you may apply on exterior surfaces. Cobble Strip works by softening the film of the old sealer, allowing you to clean the area. This product is capable of removing most types of sealers, paints, and stains from concrete surfaces, whether the substance being removed is solvent or water-based. 

Cobble Strip features a commercial-grade formulation designed to tackle even the strongest sealers, paints, and stains. It will deeply penetrate the surface and form a film when you are ready to rinse. 

Cobble Strip is simple to clean up with water. There is also no need to worry about the effects it may have on the local environment because it is biodegradable. Another perk of Cobble Strip is its mild odor, which will not overwhelm the senses and allows for ease of application. 

Cobble Strip can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as brick pavers, stone, and concrete. 

How to Use

The first course of action before using Cobble Strip is to ensure that the surface you will be working on is free of debris and other contaminants. Be sure to properly protect the areas that you do not intend to strip and that all areas are dry prior to application, as water will deactivate the product. 

Once you're ready to begin the application, be sure to stir the product thoroughly. You can stir by hand or use an electric mixer for the best results. Cobble Strip is a product that can be applied directly from the container using a brush roller or sprayer tool. 

If you need to strip a large area, divide the area into smaller sections and complete the task one section at a time. This will make stripping easier and more efficient. 

Apply Cobble Strip liberally to the surface. Be sure to work the product into areas with grooves to ensure the best results. One gallon of Cobble Strip will cover about 100 square feet of a surface. 

cobble strip for easy paint and sealer removal on pavers

Once it is applied, let Cobble Strip sit for roughly half an hour. Factors including the weather conditions in your area, the type of sealer that's being stripped, and how thick the coat of sealer is will all determine how long Cobble Strip will need to stay on the surface prior to stripping.

Once a film on the surface develops and wrinkles or blisters, you may be ready to pressure wash the area. Water deactivates the stripper, though, so make sure that you do not dampen the areas that have yet to be stripped. Otherwise, you may have to wait for a while so the nearby sections can dry off enough that you can apply the next coating of Cobble Strip. 

It is also important to note that you should not allow Cobble Strip to dry before removing it, so if you are planning to strip a large area, it's best to handle it one section at a time.

Professional Products and Experience

You can read the Cobble Strip technical data sheet here to get more information about Cobble Strip's shelf life, health hazards, and other technical information. Surfaclogix also offers a Tips From The Experts page to see what you can learn.

If you think Cobble Strip could be of use to you, be sure to contact the Surfacelogix team today to learn more about this treatment and how you can remove old sealer from a wide variety of surfaces.

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A “contractor” recently misapplied a concrete sealer. I want to remove the sealer which was applied about 1/4” too thick, the clear coating that was applied immediately, and the overall sealer which covers the pavers.

Jay Fishbein

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