How to Remove Berry Stains from Pavers

Having exterior surfaces means dealing with exposure to the weather and other stain-causing elements. Changing seasons and high levels of traffic can both cause pavers to experience stains and other markings. In fact, all sorts of things cause stains on pavers, such as fluids like oils or organic materials such as leaves and berries.

In order to prevent stains, it is necessary to sweep or blow away the debris that collects on the pavers, especially when it rains. Sometimes, this routine might not be enough, though, and stains occur anyway. Berry stains on driveway pavers and other areas can be particularly stubborn and highly noticeable. So, how can you remove them?

Our team at Surface Logix can help. In this article, we will explore the best method and product when it comes to learning how to clean berry stains off pavers and concrete surfaces. 

Cobble Prep

Cobble Prep is the best cleaner to get berries off paver driveway

Knowing how to remove berry stains from concrete surfaces starts with access to the right products. In this case, that product is Cobble Prep, which is an eco-friendly formulation produced by Surface Logix. Cobble Prep does not contain any sort of muriatic or phosphoric acid, so its usage will only benefit the health of all pavers and the surrounding environment. Consequently, Cobble Prep is the safer option when compared to the typical products available on the market. 

Cobble Prep has also been manufactured to effectively clean unsealed pavers made from stone or concrete. This product will then help prepare the pavers for sealing once the application of Cobble Prep is finished. 

Cobble Prep effectively removes efflorescence and all types of surface stains, including stains from fertilization, mortar, and even vegetation like berries. This product is easy to use and simple to clean off before you apply a sealer. 

How to Use

Before using Cobble Prep on any surface, be sure to read the label on the container. This will help you get a better idea of how to apply and use the product effectively, and it will warn you of any risks to your property or health.

For one thing, Cobble Prep is a concentrated product, which means you may need to dilute the product before application on the desired areas. To dilute Cobble Prep, use a ratio of one part of Cobble Prep to three to six parts water. One gallon of Cobble Prep covers 100 to 500 square feet of area depending on the dilution ratio. 

Once you have the desired dilution level, be sure to test Cobble Prep on a small area of the pavers to check for any undesired results. If everything is working as you desire, you can continue and clean larger surface areas. When cleaning efflorescence, you can work on 200 to 250 square feet at a time, making sure to clean up individual stains prior. The cleaner should cover the entire affected area in this case.

When applying Cobble Prep, be sure to start at the lowest point. Once you've applied the product, rinse each section without letting it dry. Once everything has been cleaned, Surface Logix recommends that you pressure clean the area again. 

Cobble Prep may need to be applied again depending on the severity of staining or efflorescence. 

Concrete Paver Stain Removal Expertise

Surface Logix products like Cobble Prep coupled with a contractor's knowledge and expertise can result in the best homeowner and commercial property maintenance. No matter what material the pavers you come in contact with are made from, they are sure to soon be clean and free of berry stains and other markings.

Cobble Prep is a high-quality product that can be used on all sorts of different properties, though it will yield the highest quality results when used as directed. In no time at all, the surfaces you service will be ready for sealing and will satisfy even the most skeptical of clients. We here at Surface Logix are here to help you get access to the best products on the market.

Explore the Surface Logix Frequently Asked Questions page to see our recommendations. You can also contact the Surface Logix team today. That way, you can learn more about products like Cobble Prep and which practices are the most effective at removing even the toughest of berry stains from concrete and stone pavers.

The best cleaner for berry stains on driveways

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