How To Get Rust Off Travertine

Are you frustrated with the fertilizer or sprinkler rust stains that constantly appear on your travertine, pavers, or driveways? Regardless of how often you scrub those pesky blemishes, they’ll find a way to reappear, and your constant wiping will only leave etching marks on the natural stone. So, how can you get the rust off travertine? 

How Does Rust Form?

Before taking any steps to remove the rust spots, it may be useful to understand the science behind their formation. You have likely seen corrosion appearing on metal surfaces, and stones like travertine and marble are not exempt from rust stains, either.

The molecular structure of rust stains consists of iron deposits. If a surface is not cleaned properly, rust starts forming due to oxidation following exposure to the air. You may be able to wipe away some stains, but over time, the surface rust can lead to the complete deterioration of the stone.

Using abrasive scrubbers or acidic solutions is not the right way to clean rust spots. Many caustic stain removers will eat away the surface of a stone, leaving an etched surface with an orange chemical burn. Rough scrubbing can leave similar scratch marks on pavers, distorting their color and sheen. 

How To Clean Rust off of Travertine

Cobble Oxhide cleaner for rust on travertine

A cleaning professional can use an organic cleaner like Cobble Oxhide to effectively remove rust spots from your travertine without needing to scrub the surface. It is a biodegradable and patented stain remover that can clean stains from marble, concrete pavers, and asphalt driveways. 

Cobble Oxhide deeply penetrates the porous surface of the tiles, breaks the rust molecules, and loosens their bonds, thereby eliminating the stains completely. Moreover, it will not etch the stone and protect a paver’s richness and sheen. It can even be used to wipe grout from non-natural ceramic and porcelain surfaces. 

Here’s how a contractor can clean rust off a driveway, travertine, and pavers made of natural stone:

  1. Wear protective eyewear and gloves.
  2. Start by washing the debris and dirt from the travertine.
  3. Spray Cobble Oxhide using the proper dilution ratio on an inconspicuous area of the travertine. As it is a concentrate, it needs to be tested before application to prevent potential damage.
  4. Spray or roll the Oxhide on the surface where rust has formed.
  5. Let the stain remover soak the pavers or driveway for two to three minutes. Don’t let it dry. Rinse thoroughly with water when the surface is still wet.
  6. To remove stubborn sprinkler stains, use a bristle brush to scrub the spots. Move the brush in a gentle and circular motion.
  7. Afterward, wash the travertine with water to remove residual oxhide solution. A power washer with a low-pressure setting may be needed to clean persistent blemishes.

Maintaining Travertine To Prevent Rust

After the rust stains have been cleaned, you must ensure they don’t appear again on the stone. The ideal way to do that is to protect the travertine from exposure to water and fertilizers. However, this may not be possible when the travertine is near sprinklers or gardens. 

In those cases, you can take other preventative measures, such as using a high-quality + _ sealer to seal the surface. This will form a protective layer on the natural stone, preventing oxidation and retaining its natural beauty. Then, you’ll only be left with superficial rust that is easy to remove. Once you’ve sealed the surface, it should be regularly maintained. 

Opt for an organic cleaner to remove dirt and grime accumulated over the travertine. Using the cleaner on a weekly basis will be enough for the paver’s maintenance. Don’t use low-quality substances that may damage the stone. 

Final Thoughts

Once rust starts forming over travertine tiles, removing it at once is vital before it can deteriorate the natural stone. Rather than choosing an acidic rust stain remover or scrubbing that will only leave you with etched surfaces, seek professional help and opt for an organic cleaner like Cobble Oxhide from Surface Logix.  

This doesn’t require you to wipe the driveways or pavers and delivers remarkable results when it comes to dissolving rust spots. Additionally, Oxhide will restore the appearance of the stone, leaving no marks over the surface.

Choose Oxhide to clean rust and grout from natural stone, bricks, interlocking pavers, coated or uncoated concrete, and non-natural stone tiles. To purchase premium rust stain removers, cleaners, and protection sealers, contact us today.


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