How to clean oil off of pavers

Pavers are an inexpensive way to improve the appearance of a surface. They require little to no maintenance and can be enjoyed by homeowners for years and years. 

Still, even though they may not require lots of maintenance, it is important to protect the pavers so that they can serve you better. Even with all of the maintenance in the world, there may come a time when the pavers on patios or driveways will collect unwanted stains. It may be the case that a car dripped oil on the pavers or some other cause, but either way, removing oil stains can be a challenge.

Luckily, the team at Surface Logix is here to tell you that removing oil stains from pavers is not impossible. In this article, we will show you the best product for this task and explain how to remove oil from driveway pavers or how to clean oil off pavers in general. 

Cobble Clean

How to clean cobblestone or pavers

The product you will need when removing oil stains and more from all of your pavers is called Cobble Clean. This product is a concentrated blend of eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients. It contains a blend of solvents and detergents that is expertly formulated to get rid of various heavy stains, grease, and dirt. It's the ideal product to have on hand when removing oil stains, gum, and tire track marks from any exterior surface. 

When you are using this product, it can be diluted at a ratio of 15 to one. Depending on the dilution, one gallon of Cobble Clean can cover anywhere from 50 to 100  square feet of surface area. Cobble Clean can clean all types of high-traffic areas made of concrete, stone, or paver.

How to Use Cobble Clean

Cobble Clean can be used for basic homeowner cleaning in addition to maintenance of commercial properties. 

As mentioned before, Cobble Clean is a concentrated cleaner and may need to be diluted in order for you to properly use it on various surfaces. In some cases, though, Cobble Clean does not need to be diluted, such as occasions when you need to remove tough stains and tire marks. 

Each case will need to be individually assessed before you proceed, so be sure to read the label on the container of Cobble Clean before using the product on your pavers.

Before you begin applying Cobble Clean, be sure to apply some to a small area to test its strength. A small test will allow you to see the strength of the product and let you see if the seal has been cleaned off or not. 

If you are diluting Cobble Clean, you will need to mix one part of the cleaner with 10 to 15 parts of water. The dirtiness of the surface will determine whether you need to decrease the ratio of the water to increase the potency of the cleaner. 

Once you've completed the test using a small area and achieved the desired results, you can move on and apply the rest to the broader area that needs to be cleaned.

Cobble Clean will usually need about a minute or so to work effectively. Stains that are more stubborn and tough to get rid of will require a longer waiting period, though. You can also scrub the area with a brush or broom. 

Following every application of Cobble Clean, you will need to thoroughly rinse the area with water to remove the cleaner. Sometimes, multiple applications of Cobble Clean may be necessary to effectively remove oil stains. 

Allowing a period of 24 hours to pass will help deeper oil stains to rise to the surface, at which point you can reapply the product to finish the job.

Stain Removal Professionals

With the help of a Surface Logix product like Cobble Clean and your intuitive experience of a professional, pavers will be clean and free of stains in no time. Cobble Clean is not necessarily a product that is for commercial use only, but it can be used for commercial property maintenance or basic homeowner cleaning. Our team at Surface Logix can help you get access to Cobble Clean and other products that can help you achieve the desired results on any property. 

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions page to see what you can learn about our recommendations. You can also contact the Surface Logix team today to learn more about Cobble Clean and how you can remove even the toughest of stains from the pavers on the properties you are servicing.

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