How To Clean Cobblestone the Easy Way

Stumped by how to attack a dirty driveway? Read on to learn how to bring a brand-new look to your or your clients' outdoor cobblestones, pavers, or concrete. Clean pavement the easy way!

You've probably seen those "oddly satisfying" videos of special power washing or steam cleaning machines zigzagging over neglected driveways, revealing a surface much brighter and more attractive underneath the surface grime. Alternatively, if you're a contractor or facilities professional, you might be thinking about your clients' driveway, walkway, or patio and thinking: "Maybe that's just what they need." 

Luckily, you don't need special machinery, harsh chemicals, or tons of elbow grease to make your projects shine.

Cobble Clean is an industrial-strength degreaser and cleaner that is biodegradable but also powerful enough to cut through any grease and dirt on your concrete, stones, or paved surfaces. It even removes tire marks and chewing gum without heavy scrubbing or high-pressure cleaning. Whether you use it on cobblestones, pavement, or concrete, Cobble Clean will have surfaces looking like new in no time. It's the easy way to clean your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool-surround surfaces.

Your Options

If you want an Instagram-able "before and after" glow-up for your clients' driveway or walkway, you might find some tough grime standing in your way. Automotive oil and grease, tire marks, chewing gum, and more may be ground into the cracks and crevices of the surface. If you're wondering how to clean cobblestones or concrete, we have you covered. Your options may seem limited, but let's review what it might take to get your hardscapes back to that freshly-installed look.

Power Washing

Perhaps the first option that comes to mind when cleaning pavement is a power washer. Most contractors and facilities personnel already have access to one. 

However, power washing alone isn't ideal. For one thing, running a power washer is a dirty job. It's messy and loud, and it's sure to leave the operator soaking wet and covered with the same grime you were trying to get off the driveway. You could easily subcontract the work, but even then, you may not get the results you were looking for. This is because water does not dissolve the kinds of grime that commonly clog the pores of your average greasy driveway. 

A power wash may physically push some of the grease and grime off the surface solely because of the pressure, but tire marks and greasy stains are likely to remain.

Surface Cleaner

A surface cleaner is the next option. These special machines combine super-high pressures of up to 4000 psi with water heated to near-boiling temperatures to soften grease or oil and blast it off of a surface. While effective, these machines are expensive and sometimes difficult to find or operate. They may be available for rent in some areas, but they require some know-how to use effectively and safely. Specialty cleaning companies in your area may be able to help, but you will pay a premium to subcontract this specialty service.


The next option is just to use a powerful degreaser or detergent to try to lift dirt from the surface of a driveway. However, this approach comes with its own challenges. First of all, many common detergents are not powerful enough to lift tough auto grease stains or tire marks. Others may require extensive scrubbing and reapplication to be effective. Industrial strength degreasers and solvents may be strong enough, but they may be hard to find, dangerous, and harmful to the surrounding landscape and wildlife.

Cobble Clean

So, what to do? Luckily, there's a fourth option that checks all of your boxes: Cobble Clean from Surfacelogix. Cobble Clean is a simple, powerful, biodegradable degreaser designed specifically to remove the grime commonly found on driveways and walkways. It quickly and easily removes tire marks, grease/oil stains, chewing gum, and more. 

Why is cobble clean the right choice to clean paved surfaces? Let's take a look at a few areas where Cobble Clean has the advantage:


Cobble Clean is designed to be diluted in water at a ratio of 10 to 1 for general cleaning. Dilution rates may need to be adjusted for tougher stains. For Tire marks, it is recommended using Cobble Clean straight. That means one gallon of Cobble Clean concentrate makes ten gallons of powerful grease-cutting surface cleaner. Cobble Clean's powerful chemical action also makes cleaning efficient, which means less time on site, reduced labor costs, and happier clients.


Take some basic safety precautions (see the label for instructions), then dilute Cobble Clean to the desired strength and pour it on your dirty driveway or walkway. Then, just let it stand for a few minutes, give it a light scrub with a stiff brush or broom if necessary, and rinse the grime away. It's that easy! Soaked-in oil and grease stains may rise to the surface in a few days, but that can be washed away again with a second application. 

Environmentally Friendly

Cobble Clean is a mix of biodegradable detergents and solvents, so you can utilize its cleaning power without fear of damaging the surrounding landscape or poisoning the environment. It can be used safely with basic precautions and PPE.


Cobble Clean is an industrial-strength, concentrated degreaser that will obliterate all grease and grime on the surface of any concrete or stone-paved surface. As a concentrated formula, Cobble Clean can be mixed at different concentrations to meet the needs of the job. Simply mix a more concentrated solution to deal with the toughest stains. 

Additionally, this product doesn't just clean the very top of the surface texture: Cobble Clean degreaser penetrates pores to clean the full surface, leaving your pavers, concrete, or stone looking like new!

How To Get Started

The first step if you want to obtain a truly clean driveway, walkway, or patio is to reach out to us and become a Surfacelogix pro! SufaceLogix was founded in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1950, and ever since, it has provided top-quality surface treatment products. When you become a customer, you'll be joining thousands of professionals who trust these products to be the best in terms of surface preparation, treatment, and maintenance. Get Cobble Clean today to take the first step toward cleaning cobblestones, pavers, concrete, or stone surfaces the easy way!

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