Can I Seal If My Pavers or Travertine Stones Are Wet?

Sealing pavers and travertine stones is a vital step to ensure lasting appearance and function. Your customers and clients rely on you to deliver quality sealing, and they expect it to last. To deliver those results, contractors need to clean the stone thoroughly before sealing. However, that raises the question: Do you have to wait until the stone dries to seal it?

Ultimately, It Depends on the Sealer

Whether or not you can apply a sealer to wet stone depends entirely on which type of sealer you choose. Unfortunately, for most sealers, you will find that wet application isn’t an effective method. You’ll have to wait for 48 hours or more after the initial application, necessitating two visits for every job: one for cleaning and one for sealing.

You’ll find a variety of different sealers available, though, including penetrating and topical sealers. Penetrating sealers soak into the stone while topical sealers sit on the surface. Each can provide a different finish and protect against specific threats. Both require dry conditions for application.

The type of pavers you’re dealing with also plays an important role. Brick and travertine pavers are very porous. This leads to even longer wait times between cleaning and sealing compared to granite or concrete.

If you try to apply sealers too early and there’s still moisture, the sealer may not adhere properly. Without solid adhesion, the sealer can even start to peel off, ruining the appearance of the pavers and eliminating any protection.

Same-Day Sealers

While most sealers require dry conditions, same-day sealers can be applied more efficiently to wet surfaces. Given the competitive rates that homeowners expect for cleaning and resealing, cutting down the job to one day can be the difference that makes a job worthwhile.

Same-day sealers can be applied to a damp area, making them a favorite among efficient contractors. The right product still delivers the lasting protection and attractive finish that conventional sealers can, meaning your customers won’t see any difference when it comes to quality.

Cobble loc

Cobble Loc by Surface Logix is one example of a modern, same-day sealer. We’ve carefully developed this sealer to deliver exceptional results on pavers and travertine stones. You’ll be able to achieve the same level of water and stain resistance as other sealers while having the freedom to apply the sealer to damp surfaces instead of waiting days for them to dry.

This unique, semi-gloss sealer also delivers additional benefits. It locks down joint sand very effectively and inhibits weed growth. Your customers will be thrilled with the long-term results that Cobble Loc delivers and will be sure to call you again when they need resealing.

Find the Right Sealer for Any Project

Surface Logix is your source for any and all coatings, cleaners, and sealers for exterior surfaces. Alongside Cobble Loc, we provide a wide range of unique sealers for any application. You can make your order today to add Surface Logix products to your business and provide the best for your customers and clients.

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